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Service Secrets ... Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist v Mercedes-Benz Main Dealer Service - Is there a Difference?

Service Secrets ... Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist v Mercedes-Benz Main Dealer Service - Is there a Difference?

When you get a new car, preserving the future value of that car and keeping the warranty valid are likely to be high priorities. The best way to achieve these goals is to make sure you get your vehicle regularly serviced, but many drivers mistakenly believe they need to go to a main dealer …

At Rivervale House we are a Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist. When combined our staff have 100 years of Mercedes-Benz experience. I, myself, used to manage aftersales for an authorised repairer for Mercedes-Benz. 35% of all the work we carry out is on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. You do not need to go to main dealer to receive the highest quality service for your Mercedes-Benz.

Firstly, we explore everything that will be the same in a service provided by a main dealer and a service provided by an independent Specialist.

Preserving Warranty

To keep a warranty valid on a new vehicle, any work including servicing needs to be carried out to the standard set by the manufacturer, and it is best to use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. A Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist will adhere to these standards in the same way that a main dealer would.

Access to the Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Book

The Digital Service Book provides a worldwide record of all work carried out on every Mercedes-Benz. It is updated every time new work such as a service is completed. This gives a comprehensive and complete history of the vehicle which can make the resale value of the vehicle higher than those without a digital record. As a Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist, we can update this record in exactly the same way as a main dealer would be able to.

Skill of Technicians

Our Mercedes-Benz technicians here at Rivervale House are trained to the exact same standard as those at a main dealer within the Mercedes-Benz traning programme. They attend the same training updates, so possess the exact same Mercedes-Benz knowledge.

Mercedes-Benz Specialist Equipment

The main piece of equipment a technician working on a Mercedes-Benz would need is the Xentry Star Machine. This is a diagnostic tool, without it around 60% of potential faults on a Mercedes-Benz could not be detected. As a Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist, we use this machine, the exact some one as a main dealer. We also receive all same software updates for the star machine a main dealer would so can provide the exact same high level diagnostic service.


Now let us tell you about the differences you will find between a Mercedes-Benz Independent Specialist and a main dealer. Overall an independent specialist is exactly that. We are free to set our own prices and conduct our business in our own way. This leads to differences which are advantageous for the customer, I will start with the most important one – price…


On average you will pay 20% less for any service at an independent specialist compared to the prices charged at a main dealer. This is a considerable saving on just one service and will really add up over the lifetime of the car.

Customer Service

An independent specialist knows they will need to go above and beyond the service offered by the main dealer, this means better customer service for you. At Rivervale, we offer a priority booking service for Mercedes-Benz customers along with a collection and delivery service at no extra cost, you are likely to pay for these services at a main dealer.

If you would like to discuss the care of your Mercedes-Benz, please feel free to give the Rivervale team a call on 01273 433480.


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27 February 2018
Written by Natalie Faughy
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