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Why should I get an Electronic Vehicle Health Check?

Why should I get an Electronic Vehicle Health Check?

Why should I get an Electronic Vehicle Health Check?

I guess the first question should be…what is an electronic vehicle health check, right?

Well, an EVHC (electronic vehicle health check), also referred to as a visual health check, is a complimentary check of your car’s components carried out by one of our skilled technicians.

During the health check, technicians will check the function and condition of safety equipment inside the vehicle, as well as checking oil and fluid levels, also topping up water if required.

Most importantly, technicians will use video technology to give summary and show you the condition of the tyres, suspension and braking components on your vehicle.

A fully detailed report using a ‘traffic light system’ on each of the different check points is then issued to you to show whether your vehicle is:

Green: Passed - Safe and good to go

Amber: Advisory - Recommended work is required but not urgent

Red: Urgent - Requires urgent attention


Effectively, an EVHC provides an authentic means of identifying and recording work on your vehicle that is advised by your garage and presenting it in a clear, transparent manor to you.

It’s worth noting that garages can’t and won’t carry out any work on your vehicle without first asking for permission – the EVHC is there to simply check the state of your car and provide you with relevant advice. It’s then up to you to decide whether to take your garages advice or not.

Are Vehicle Health Checks mandatory?

A vehicle health check is not mandatory by law, but our view is that it’s generally a smart move to get your vehicle checked at least every six to twelve months – why wouldn’t you….they’re completely free and can drastically help you to ensure the long term safety of your vehicle.

When should I get a Vehicle Health Check?

VHC’s are typically carried out alongside any MOT, service or repair work, but often you’ll find that a regular vehicle health check can save you a costly service or repair visit to your local garage as you would have been notified well in advance of any small maintenance issues that your vehicle may need – avoiding vehicle deterioration, damage or breakdown; 3 typical reasons you would normally have to visit your garage.

Generally, vehicle health checks are advised if you’re taking your car on a long journey or abroad on holiday when you may be driving it in conditions which are different from those in which it’s normally used.

It’s at these sorts of times when you really need your vehicle to be reliable, because a breakdown abroad or while you’re on holiday is the last thing you’d want, let alone a dangerous and costly experience!

By letting an experienced technician carry out a vehicle health check before you set off in your vehicle on your holidays, you’re narrowing the chances of any potential problems or nasty surprises with your vehicle.

Our view is that Electronic Vehicle Health Checks are the best thing to be introduced in the aftersales industry, as trust and transparency was one major thing that seemed lacking for the average consumer when needing to take your car in to your local garage.

Unless it was a friend or recommendation, there was always a constant fear of being ripped off or taken advantage of, an air of vulnerability, as most of the time you simply had to take your mechanics word for any repairs they told you your vehicle needed.

With the Electronic Vehicle Health Check system, you can now book your car in to the garage anytime, not just when there’s an issue, and if there’s any work or maintenance to be carried out you’ll be able to see clear evidence of what’s wrong or needed – giving complete trust and transparency.

It’s worth noting that Vehicle Health Checks can also be useful if you’re planning on buying a used car, as a fully documented and accessible health check report serves as proof that the vehicle has been thoroughly checked for possible faults, thus giving you possible bartering power with the vendor if there’s any highlighted faults or tyre wear etc.


What’s included in a Vehicle Health Check?

A VHC includes checks on the following:

• Brakes • Tyres • Lights • Fluid Levels • Exhaust • Steering • Suspension • Electrical

How long does a Vehicle Health Check take?

A VHC typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

How much does a Vehicle Health Check cost?

VHCs is a service offered free of charge.

Is a Vehicle Health Check the same as an MOT?

No, a VHC is a non-mandatory vehicle safety check up, whereas MOT’s are an annual requirement by law.

To read more about MOT’s and the new requirements in 2018 click here

Can I get a free Electronic Vehicle Health Check even if I am not an existing Rivervale customer?

Yes, anyone can book a free EVHC with Rivervale.

If you would like to make a booking for your complimentary EVHC today, you can do this online

Have you ever had an electronic vehicle health check?

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5 September 2018
Written by Bud
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