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Why should I get an Electronic Vehicle Health Check?

An EVHC (electronic vehicle health check), also referred to as a visual health check, is a complimentary check of your car’s components carried out by one of our skilled technicians. During the health check, technicians will check the function and condition of safety equipment inside the vehicle, as well as checking oil and fluid levels, also topping up water if required.

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Driver advice
5 Sep 18 | Written by Bud

Service Secrets ... What to do if you Misfuel

23rd July 2018

Every year around 150,000 drivers put the wrong fuel in their car. This can be due to a momentary lapse in concentration or change of vehicle, whatever the cause here's what you should do ...… more

How to ... Top Up Your Screenwash

22nd May 2018

It is vital that you have a clear view out of your windscreen when driving. To do this you need to keep your screenwash topped up at all times, so any obstructions can be easily cleaned off. It could even be seen as against the law. If you are in an accident which is deemed to be caused a lack of vision and your screenwash is empty. Topping up your screenwash can easily be done at home and here's our step by step guide to how ...… more

How to ... Change Your Wheel

14th May 2018

A flat tyre occurs when the air pressure within the tyre has reduced significantly. It is unsafe to drive on a flat tyre, you should slow down gradually and steer to the side of the road.… more

How to ... Check Your Tyre Tread Depth

23rd April 2018

The tyres are the only place where your car makes contact with the road, so it is vital they are in tip top condition. You need to check the depth of your tyre tread regularly, ideally every 2 weeks, to ensure you are safe on the road and here's how ...… more

How to ... Check Your Oil Level

17th April 2018

Oil it vital to a car engine. It lubricates moving parts, disperses heat and collects contaminates. If oil runs out, your engine is at great risk from overheating and seizing. Here is how you can check you oil level at home ...… more

How to ... Top Up Your AdBlue

17th April 2018

If your vehicle runs out of AdBlue it may fail to start, or will start in 'limp mode' with reduced function until AdBlue supplies are replenished. Don't worry! It's easy to fill up your AdBlue and here's how ...… more

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